Internal Dialogue
Be Still And Know Who I Am

Four ways to quiet your mind
Your internal dialogue is the voice of your ego. It is used to talk to you all the time and most of the times it is doing it in a humiliating and discouraging way. In many eastern traditions it is called 'the chattering monkey' and it is said to be a barrier to clarity and enlightment. It blocks your connection to your Higher Self. The internal dialogue often reinforces limiting beliefs and lowers self esteem. Would it be nice to get more control over it, make it shut up, turn it off?

Well, try this one:
1. Stick out your tongue and grab it between thumb and forefinger. Hold it a few moments and be aware that your monkey has stopped talking.
That's because body and mind are one system and what happens in the mind also happens in the body and vice versa. Internal talking causes micro-muscle movements of the tongue. So if you stop that movement by holding your tongue the dialogue has to stop also. It works both sides. It just isn't always appropriate to stop your internal dialogue this way.

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So here is another one:
2. Stop the movement of your tongue by putting the tip of it just behind your front teeth. This is also a marvelous way to keep your attention on another person in a conversation. Your chattering monkey usually likes to react, by yelling or screaming his opinion, on every thing the other is saying, distracting you from listening any further to what is going on outside of you. But now this irritating voice is switched off and you're able to put all your attention on what is said in the actual conversation.

What else can you do?
3. Turn your attention inside and find the volume controle of your internal dialogue. It may sound funny or unbelievable but it actually works. If you don't see a slider or dial in your mind imagine one and turn it low, lower and eventually off. You're quiet inside.

Another way:
4. See your internal voice as this little monkey and gently rock it to sleep while you say to it 'shhhh, shhhhhh'. Slowly it will lay down and be quiet.

Those are ways to put your pushy ego in its place, that part of you that is giving you your low self esteem, and make room for a renewed connection with Source Energy, your Higher Self, who knows your worth and who will guide you to your happiness. 'Be still and know who I am'.

But there is more about quieting your inner voice. When your mind is quiet you will be clear on your desires and you'll be able to impress those desirable thoughts upon Universal Substance to let the thought materialize into physical being. As Deepak Chopra would say when your mind is still every intention will cause a rippling in Universal Mind as a little rock in motionless water. But when your mind is busy like a rough ocean you can try to throw the empire state building in it and it will cause nothing.

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