Low Self Esteem, the One Biggest Obstacle to Success and Happiness

What about low self esteem? Dependent on a particular point of view or purpose definitions of self esteem vary widely. It is my intent to contribute to your succes and happiness so from that angle I will approach this term. Common sense in most cases works best.

I am the best friend I have

When I have high self esteem I feel that I am worthy to be happy and successful. And I can only feel worthy when I have positive thoughts about myself. When I believe I am capable, respectful, integer, unique, friendly and helpfull, those thoughts will make me feel good. When I can say, beyond doubt, 'I am the best friend I have' you might say that the way you see yourself is okay.


Unfortunately most people suffer from a self esteem that is low. And although it is common it is not normal. I have found six symptoms of this negative self esteem suffering:

1. Blaming others:
This really is the number one symptom. When you're blaming others you say that you are not capable of changing your situation. You are a victim without any power. Others have to fix it because it's their fault. I used to complain a lot. I had all the arguments why I was right and they were wrong but it brought me nothing. I see a lot of students and teachers in the school where I teach complaining and it doesn't take them any further. The harder you grumble the less you achieve.
The fact is that you are responsible for every aspect of your life. You might not know how but you yourself are the source and cause of your life's circumstances. So stop complaining and take that responsibility. Take your power back. Read the remaining low self esteem signs .


To solve the self esteem problems, you have to find the causes. Those causes seems to be mistakes made in the past. Though this sounds quite logical we have to be aware of the fact that the past is nothing more than a memory, a very personal wiring in the brain. It is in no way permanent, although in many cases it looks like. Read more about the causes of low self esteem.

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