The Building Blocks Of Your Reality

You create your life by your beliefs. What you perceive as truth is what you get. As mentioned on the page about quantum physics your physical reality is put into existence by your brain's decoding of the energy you receive from this unlimited (zero-point) field of possibilities.

Let's compare your life's experiences with a television. What you see on the screen is put together by a TV tube with masses of electrons hitting the screen in a certain way, creating the illusion of motion and form. And the way the electrons hit is controled by the broadcasting station where someone has chosen a movie to transmit. Most people working on the station don't know exactly how it works but they can choose the movie and click on a button to broadcast it. And that's all they have to know to let it work

Well, you are a broadcasting station yourself and the way the electrons in the univers hit your life's screen is determined by what you choose to see as truth. You don't have to know how it works exactly - nobody does - but it is a matter of the highest importance that you know how to choose what you believe for it determines the movie of your life. Are you living a sad movie or a happy one, poverty or wealth, sickness or health. You do the choosing.

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Your Self Esteem At The Core

Everything is possible and what you perceive as truth determines what you create and in which reality you live.
Because your self esteem is at the core of your thoughts it is the source and main cause of the life you live. It is not who you are that may limit your possibilites - for you are an unlimited being - it is who you think you are. What you think about yourself determines the borders of your possibilities, your opportunities and chances in life. Learn something more about your comfortzone .

We are so used to think that our life is dependent on all kinds of outside influences. Guess what, your screen will offer you the illusion that outside influences determine your life. What you perceive as truth is what you get. Learn to choose what you see as correct and you will be the master of your life.

How to choose beliefs

I will suggest a number of possibilities to change what you'd agreed to be true in case your life shows you a movie that you don't want anymore. First I will dive a little deeper into this phenomenon of what you suppose as being the truth.


Neurological Levels

Next I'lll give you some reality changing exercises:

- re-imprint


The Belief Change Cycle

You can start to highlight a situation in your life that you rather see changed. What do you believe about this situation and about you in it? What do you want to be the truth? Search for evidence of the latter.

from Beliefs to Growing Self Esteem

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