Neurological Levels Of Beliefs
The Higher The More Impact on your life

Our beliefs, we find on the neurological levels, are the cause of our reality. The outside world is the effect of what we are thinking. However, to change something we are learned to try to influence the outside world, other people, circumstances. Our educational system is merely based on it. It just doesn't work to well.
So if you want to change the outside world, because it doesn't give you the pictures that makes you happy, you have to change your inside world, the world of your beliefs.
Every succesfull person will tell you that success is for at least 90% a matter of changing perspectives and an inner job. Only 10% is about strategies and the working out of plans.

Beliefs on different levels

Beliefs exist on different levels. We can find the beliefs concerning our self esteem on the level of identity. It’s one of the highest neurological levels which means that it has the most profound influence on the lower levels.
A change of beliefs on a high level will change all underlying beliefs instantly. From bottom to top that won’t be the case.

The next hierarchy of beliefs gives us a clear picture of the different levels of beliefs and the way they are connected to each other. You can see it as a cascading waterfall, where the upper levels translate their effects onto the lower levels.

hierarchy of neurological levels of believes

On the level of spirituality we find ideas about the nature of reality, about our mission on earth, about perspectives concerning the bigger whole we’re part of and the meaning of our existence. A change of beliefs on this level changes all underlying levels. For example, if you suddenly got the notion of being connected to all people as a part of a whole and that by helping others you’ll help yourself you will at once leave all competition, and all things connected to it, and be seeking cooperation.

On the level of identity we find beliefs about who you are, what kind of person you are. Self esteem is highly connected to this upper neurological level and each change in it will be passed on to underlying levels.
And because our behavior is determined by our beliefs a change in self esteem will result in a considerable change in behavior. So an affirmation with ‘I am’ in it, as describing one's identity, can have a huge impact on changes in your life.
However, we have to take in consideration that a change of beliefs on a high level requires a lot of energy and perseverance. Compare it with a mammoth tanker that you want to change into a new direction.
The lower levels become smaller and smaller boats. So you can change every behavior or environment in an easy way although the influence of higher levels is that big that the change will never last long in case the higher levels don’t support the change.
Beliefs about identity are also the beliefs that may keep you from changing, especially because you are often not conscious of them.

On the level of values and beliefs we find these ideas and viewpoints about what is important and how things work. Those beliefs gives us the responsibility and permission to do the things we do. It legitimates our existence.

The level of capability describes what we can and cannot do.

What we do we find on the behavioral level. And finally where, when and with whom is seen on the level of environment.

Because our self esteem and self image is very high located in the hierarchy of beliefs the impact on our lives is huge. Trying to change beliefs on lower levels will do little to your sense of self esteem.
Only the beliefs on the level of spirituality can actually change anything in the way you see yourself.
That’s why plastic surgery usually has little effect on confidence and self esteem. Although it seems to be a lot in the beginning it fades away as quickly as it came.
Winning the lottery as a rule does not change much in one’s life in the long run and most people will have lost their money in no time because the environment is still reflecting their limiting and irrational beliefs.
As long as the ‘I am-statements’ – conscious or subconscious – don’t change nothing will.

That's why learning to change your beliefs , especially the higher level ones, is all you got to know to boost your self esteem and live the life of your dreams.

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