Self Esteem Building Activities
to Boost Your Confidence

There are lots of self esteem building activities and they are all based on training the mind to think right. Discover why.

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Self Esteem is Learned

On the one hand high Self Esteem is learned. It is a skill you can learn for example by the following self esteem building activities on this page. And just like any skill you have to practice, and practice some more to master it.
Some people have trained themselves over and over again without being aware of it. The end-result however is that they have really high self esteem, are happy and successful.
Keep in mind, low self esteem is a skill too. You really have to practice to become good in it. And sadly enough most of us have studied it for years without knowing it consciously. The only bad thing is that it doesn't serve you.

Let's practice high self esteem! And this time let's do it with awareness, just the way the high self esteem people do it but now focused intentionally.

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Self Esteem is Given

On the other hand, high self esteem is also a natural gift. You don't have to learn it. You got it already but it's covered by dirt. You mostly have to unlearn what is blocking you, getting the dirt off.
Instinctively you know your worth when you are born into this world. A baby has no fears about his future skills or what people will think about him. The concept of failure doesn't exist. It tries, falls and tries again untill the child succeeds. Maybe because it doesn't think in ways of approval and rejection there's no problem. It is just driven and focused on getting the job done.
When we grow older it is mainly removing a limiting way of thinking that uncovers all our power and unstop us from growing to our unlimited possibilites.
So in many cases not-thinking can do a tremendous job in growing back to this natural state of high self esteem. Purposeful focused thinking does the same.

Self Esteem Building Activities

There are numerous ways to build your self esteem. I'll give you an index to start with.

1. Know what you want. Goalsetting Tips

2. Write about your Strenghts, Good Traits, Achievements, Successes.

3. Write yourself Compliments and acknowledge your successes

4. Write and speak out loud Positive Affirmations

5. Make a Personal Success Scrapbook

6. Do an Appreciation Exercise.

7. Make a Happiness List

8. Do some Visualizations

9. Get into Meditation Self Esteem

10. Focus on Self Appreciation

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

You might find a pattern in the self esteem building activities. It's all about focusing on what you want and get your attention off the things you don't want to experience. And it all comes to one grand natural principle: what you focus on is what you get. Or in other words: energy flows where attention goes.

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