Self Esteem Affirmations
In A Way That Makes Them Work

Self Esteem Affirmations are a powerful way to build your Self Esteem. Our thoughts and self talk direct the way we are heading in life. You can see them as instructions from 'headquarters' and they shape and control our actions, our health and our results. But sadly enough most of the instructions we give ourselves we are not aware of. Over and over again we say bad things to ourselves that makes us feel disturbed and makes us do the wrong things or things in a twisted way. And we don't even know that we are thinking it untill our behaviour, our feelings and our results are showing us.
Stop hurting yourself and get in command again. Replace the bad affirmations with powerful positive ones and start changing your life for the better.

To start I'll give you five reasons why affirmations don't work the way most people use them. Secondly, I will give you the right formula to powerfully get the wanted results with self esteem affirmations.

Five ways in which self esteem affirmations won't work

1. state them in the future or as a hopeful wish
Most people state their affirmations in the future tense like: 'I will be rich' or 'I am going to be happy'. But in reality and for the mind there is no future. You will never arrive there because the next moment is also now. There is only now, this moment or the present. So state your affirmation firmly in the present tense: 'I am rich'. 'I am happy'.
Affirmations like 'I wish I had a lot of money' won't work either. It might happen or it might not happen. Any way this statement does not steer your creating powers undoubtedly in the right direction. Think for instance about a commander in the army who kindly requests his men: 'well gentlemen, if you don't mind, I really would like you to attack the enemy, if you would be so kind and you are ready'. I guess it's quite evident that an instruction like 'attack, now!' has more chance of getting the right response. Be firm and positive.

Fish I Am Healthy

2. speak out what you don't want
Many people tell themselves over and over what they don't want. 'I don't want to be in debt'. 'I don't want to argue all the time'. 'I don't want to feel uncertain'. But the only thing the mind can do is make a picture (in five senses) of the mentioned item, feel bad about it and let the creative powers do their work. You'll get the opposite of what you want.
A working affirmation is stated in the positive. Tell what you do want!

3. tell them once in a while
When people start with positive intended affirmations they do it once, maybe twice and forget about it. The fact is that the negative automated affirmations tend to overrule them totally because those are repeated so often, unintentionally.
For affirmations to work you have to use them very regularly untill it becomes a habit. So now you have automated them you use them over and over without conscious thinking about them. It has become your second nature, a positive self talk.

4. believe what negative people tell you
Many people will tell you that affirmations don't work. They think it's strange to tell yourself those statements. But they are not aware that we do that all the time and most of the time in a negative way.
Replace those denials with your firm self esteem affirmations and believe it will work.

5. deny your unlimited potential
We sometimes forget that we only use a fraction of our mind. 95% of the creative ability of the mind lies dormant waiting to be called upon. Self esteem affirmations will program your mind for success and happiness.

The ways in which self esteem affirmations do work

It may be clear that the opposite of the five ways in which affirmations won't work give you the right way to use them, as mentioned above. I'll give you the summary:

State your affirmation in the here and now, in the positive, do them regularly, believe their truth and believe in the truth about yourself.

Examples of Affirmations

When you make a statement about who you are it is more powerful than when you tell what you have, what you can or what you do. The affirmation on an identity level (neurological level of identity) works through on the levels of believe, capacity, behaviour and environment. Even in the bible the I am statement is recognized as power.

In his book The Master Key System Charles Haanel gives an affirmation that gives a compleet declaration of the truth about you. It says: 'I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy'. This statement will bring you in close alignment with your Inner Source or what Esther Hicks calls 'Source Energy'. And from that place everything is possible.

All the affirmations in the mirrors of the animaldrawings on the various webpages are real power in this sense.

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