Self Esteem Worksheets
Apply What You Know To Build Power

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In this section I will provide you with some easy to use self esteem worksheets. It is true that only by applying the knowledge you possess you got real power, to be able to change your life in a desirable direction. It is the only way to change anything. So I urge you to do the work and take another step in the right direction of growing your self esteem and build a happy and successful life.

Worksheet #1 Goalsetting

Life is not about discovering yourself but it all has to do with creating yourself, every moment anew. Who do you want to be? What do you want to believe? What do you want to be capable of? What do you want to do? What do you want to have? Worksheet #1 Goalsetting

Worksheet #2 Strenghts

Your thoughts determine your feelings and the functioning of your brain. Focus on your positive aspects so you fill your brain with the best fuel possible. Write about your Strenghts, Good Traits, Achievements, Successes. Worksheet #2 Strenghts

Worksheet #3 Who Am I?

To know where you are going is one thing. But you have to know where you are right now to be able to go ahead. How do you see yourself and what are the feelings you have about you? Worksheet #3

Working in a daily ritual building your Self Esteem

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