Self Esteem Tests
What Do You Believe About Yourself?

The self esteem tests that we refer to on this page show you what you believe about yourself. Answer the questions as honest as you can being aware of that feeling of certainty that goes along with the answering.
The tests give you some statements to refer to and you can feel your agreement or disagreement. Besides the fact that the results give you some stuff to reflect on it is also a particularly good exercise to the awareness of what you feel. And those feelings are part of your navigation-system in life. You merely can believe anything but when you believe something it gives you a feeling of certainty. 'That's how it is'. And that's the characteristic of a believe. And when you believe it, it determines your behaviour for good or bad.

Do feel certain about your answer or is it merely a socially acceptabel one.

Do it for yourself. That's another exercise in self esteem too.

Ghameleon I Am Ok The Way I Am
The Tests

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