Who Am I?
The Truth About Your Self Concept

Who You Really Are

Who are you? You can believe anything you want and it will build your self concept as foundation of your self esteem, your happiness and success.

I strongly believe that self esteem, as the way you see and experience yourself, is dependent on who you think you are, your self concept. Are you nothing more than a piece of dust in a gigantic univers being at the mercy of outside forces throwing you back and forth? Or are you a divine part of God's creation with a choice to experience your innermost desires? Are you merely a meaningless coincidence in a field of forces? Or are you the creator of your personal reality co-building All-That-Is.
It might be that just by asking those questions you get a taste of the importance of what you think. For it is the foundation of what you experience in your life.

Before I give you some answers let me first tell you what you're definitely not:

You are not your body
Although many people associate themselves with their bodies, your body really is not who you are. It is something you have. When a person dies the real Essence is gone, or else the body would just function as it did.
You build your body from this Essence every moment you live. Did you know that within a year your whole body is completely renewed and there is not a single molecule left that was in it a year before? See how a cut in your finger is recovered within a few days. Your eyes are build over and over again each and every two days.
You are not your body. You build your body. You have a body. But who is having this marvelous piece of equipment?

Owl I Am Wise

You are not your surroundings
It may sound a bit foolish but many people think they are nothing without their material belongings. Their house, their car, their boat and clothes and all those other fancy things are so connected with who they think they are that they nearly assume that they will be completely vanished without them. You might already see that a self concept build on this is nonsense.

You are not your feelings
What I said about the body also applies to your feelings. You are not your feelings, you have feelings. You can choose the way you feel. Your environment surely influences the way you feel but independent of external conditions you can pick your feelings. But then again, who is it picking the feelings?

You are not your thoughts
Although your thoughts seems to be very connected to who you are you still can choose them. You can think any thought you like, or dislike. You can determine anything you want to believe or disbelieve. So there is something which chooses. And it has an infinite source of possibilities to choose from. Who am I?

Ideas About Who I Am

I'll give you some ideas about who you are. Building your self concept on those ideas, experiment with them and try them out, will free you from any negative feeling about yourself and consequently will build you a strong self esteem.

- quantum physics
The science of quantum physics gives inside in the unlimited possibilities that we have and are. Our beliefs determine our personal reality. Everything is possible for everyone. Read more about quantum physics.

- zero point field
This all connecting field is the source of our physiscal world. All possibilities, all intelligence and all creativity is in the zero point field.

- Esther Hicks about the teachings of Abraham
Esther Hicks is the voice of Abraham, a non-physical teacher. What they tell you just works. Science is more and more supporting these far reaching teachings. Read more about Esther Hicks.

- Wallace D. Wattles
In the Science of Getting Rich Wallace D. Wattles gives an excellent explanation of the creative powers in the human being. Read more about Wallace Wattles.

- James Allen
The author of 'as a man thinketh', James Allen teaches us two essential truths: today we are where our thoughts have taken us, and we are the architects - for better or worse - of our futures. The writings of James Allen are practical. According to his wife, Allen wrote when he had a message. When he wrote something it was because he had lived it in his own life, and knew that it was good. Read more about James Allen.

- Tom de Kok
Tom is the dutch expert in the teachings of Abraham and he also teaches 'rapid healing'. He explains who you really are and the way to accomplish anything you want and want to be. Knowing this is the foundation of a totally new and positive self concept. Discover more about reality creation.

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