Zero Point Field
The Quantum Soup Of All Possibilities

Lynn McTaggert has written some books about the zero point field. It covers an aspect of the quantum physics. Particles have a tendency to exist. They flash into and out of being in milliseconds, over and over again, like Indian Buddhists always have told and like quantum-physicist Heisenberg concluded mathematically in his uncertainty principle. Just like a movie - consisting of about 24 frames a second, each frame separated by a gap - our reality is a flashing light giving us the illusion of smooth continuity.

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There seems to be an invisible field out of which physical particles appear and disappear. The appearance of particles is dependent of the observation of it.

McTaggert describes different experiments where mentally trained people don't take the theory of probability too seriously. They are able to influence at random processes in a wanted direction.
The source of the physical reality is non-physical. The field is all connecting and we ourselves are connected with this zero-point area. In fact we are this field of unlimited possibilities, intelligence and creativity. This field offers unbelievable and miraculous possibilities for everyone.

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