Higher Self Connection
Let Yourself Be Guided By Your Inner Being

Once your Higher Self connection isn't blocked by your twittering scared ego you know what to do and where to go in this life, to be fulfilled en to experience high self esteem.

Elephant I am adorable self esteem

Your Higher Self

I once heard a story about an elephant as a metaphor of our inner being. Sitting on this giant elephant, with this animal as your Higher Self, with your free will you got to choose your direction. When you pull the right ear and the elephant goes right you might say that's proof you got a free will. You choose a way and things will go that way. When you pull the left ear and this animal goes left everything is fine. But what if you pull one ear and the elephant goes the other way? Does it mean you got nothing to say anymore and things will happen outside your control or will? No, it just means that you chose the wrong ear to pull because you didn't listen to the signals of your Higher Self, saying which direction is the right one for you.

Has it ever occured to you that some people seem to always act the right way, say things just at the right time, being in the right place. Everything goes in a smooth way and things seems to flow naturally and easy. And I know sometimes in some way you can witness this within yourself. There are times you are somehow in a flow and things happen just the way you like it and you don't even have to think about it. Moreover, if you start thinking you might get out of this 'zone'. There is a Higher Self connection and it leads you. Things seem to go by itself. There is faith and trust, unlike those times you are afraid to do something wrong and you are acting from the believe that you aren't good enough. You are okay and it feels marvelous. Those times - and although you might say they never happen or occurences are nearly zero - you express who you really are. Don't you want to experience it a lot more often, perhaps always?

Free Your Way To Be Led

Many times things are in the way for a real connection with your Higher Self and those things are always thoughts, thought-patterns or beliefs. When you alter those beliefs or even release them you will be in flow again, where you should be.
Many different release techniques or beliefs change techniques can help you being your True Self again. Well, you cannot not being your Higher Self but you can block the way to express this inner being.
Here I'll give you 10 ways to raise your vibration and connect with that good feeling of who you are.
Another powerful way to connect again is to quiet your internal dialogue . And of course meditation should not be forgotten in this Higher Self connection.
Pull the roadblocks down and be who you are, the great and powerful You.

The Old Master

I just read a beatiful story that is an exact description of the way I feel the Higher Self connection works.

A mom takes her little son to a piano concert to encourage him to play the piano more often. Paderewski, the old master, will be playing his music. When mom and son are seated the woman wants to make use of the bathroom and asks the boy to stay at his seat while she is gone for a while. The boy nods but as soon as she leaves his curiosity takes him back stage. He sees a door with NO ENTRANCE written on it and he goes in.
Then the concert begins and the lights on the stage start to shine brightly on the impressive piano with a little boy behind it playing, unaware of what is going on, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".
Paderewski makes his entrance and without a sign of confusion sits next to the boy whispering in his ear: "keep playing, don't quit". With his left hand he starts to fill in a robust bass part. Then with his right hand reaching around the little boy he plays a marvelous contra-melody. The audience is touched while the old man and the little boy are transforming what could have been an embarrassing situation into a beautiful experience.

When we trust on the guidance and power of the Great Master and the Higher Self connection we can accomplish anything where we would be nothing without it. Listen to this Higher Spirit when it tells you: "Keep playing, don't quit".

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