Your Comfortzone
Your Ego As Your Personal Prison Guard

Your comfortzone seems comfortable but it is not a place to be. Have you ever noticed that if you want something really bad you still keep doing the things that keeps you within your comfortzone, so you never get there. Change demands courage. Courage to step out of that place of familiarity.

Life urges you to become more, use you unlimited potential and make the very best of yourself. It's the whole purpose of life to experience who you are and the only way to do that is to get to the ever expanding bounderies of your existence. The Univers is ever extending. Why do you think that is? It's you becoming more and more. It's an ever increasing force. It makes you ultimately happy. It feels like flow or even love. It thrills, excites and also makes you feel uncomfortable because it might be scary outside where you don't know what to expect.

Comfortzone Duck I Am Brave

But there is another force that is seeking for balance and homeostasis. Your subconscious regulates your bodily functions. Your heart beats, your gastrointestinal tract digests, your cells divide, your lungs breath, your skin sweats and it is all held within strict boundaries. It's the basis on which earthly life is possible. And although it is always dealing with change, like a thermostat, it wants to keep things as they are.

This part of our subconscious mind serves us well for we couldn't possibly survive without its organizing order. It is serving us so well that it wants to keep anything the same. And concerning our believes it provides a solid basis to stand on. What would happen if everything you believed in suddenly changed or vanished. You would not dare to think about it....

And that's why some believes keep you where you are although in fact you don't want to be there. Like a prison guard your subconscious wants to keep you in one place because you know what you have.

Some people will call this part of your subconscious your ego. It will do anything to keep you from any change. It uses fear, rejection, suppression, judgment. It is your critical faculty. It makes you feel small, meaningless and insignificant. It is the ultimate cause of low self esteem. An for most times it does a great job in keeping you down and without change.

It is of major importance that you realize that your subconscious is your servant while you are the master. Although in many cases it seems to be the other way around.
And some people will tell you that you must fight your ego and get rid of it but that won't be helping you at all. What you resist persists. It's a natural law.
Your ego is very usefull but it must know his place. And you must know yours. You got to drive the bus and take command. Your subconscious mind will do anything for you. You must know that fear isn't legitimate and that you are safe and whole.

To drive the bus you have to know where to go. Know what you want is the first thing to take control of your subconscious forces. To know your purpose, goals and objectives fuels your passion and dedication and it powers your changing forces. Make it your intention to reach them.

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