Personal Goal Setting
The Way To Get Into The Driver's Seat

Who drives the bus?

Personal goal setting is all about the question 'who drives the bus?' This question, repeatedly asked by Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP, inspires you to take command over your own life.
Too many people let their lives be determined by outside conditions and affairs. Guided by their senses they let their minds be filled with what they see, hear, touch, smell and taste. And this way they constantly create their lives in accordance with what the outside world is dictating.
Your life is meant to be created by you. So fill your mind with the pictures you choose yourself, build with your inner senses. And subsequently enjoy the creation with your outer senses.

Personal goal setting is the way to get into the driver's seat. Following your desires and wishes you imagine how it is to have them come true. A goal is nothing more than a picture of a wanted future state in your mind. And because it is wanted it is associated with the feelings of satisfaction, excitement and appreciation. And that's why goals are so important. Those thoughts and feelings are the foundation of your future experiences.
You create them by using the law of attraction. The more clear you are, the more you focus on them, the sooner they manifest. Energy flows where attention goes.

Elephant I Am Adorable

Personal Goal Setting Tips

I'll give you some goal setting tips to make the most out of your goals.

1. Always state your goals in the positive.
Because your mind works mostly in pictures it cannot form an image of what you don't want. You just can't say 'don't think about a pink elephant' while not thinking about a pink elephant. It's impossible. You only can focus your attention on something else, something you do want to picture or think of. Tell in your stated goals what you do want.

2. Keep the goal within your control.
Don't let the achieving of your goal be dependent on the support or good will of others. You are responsible for your achievement so keep that responsibility where it belongs: with you.

3. List your goals in detail.
Make them as clear as you can. The more details you can put in the easier your subconscious mind can work them out.

4. Be aware that your goals are, as we call it, 'ecological'.
They should be in harmony with your purpose and your other goals. Keep in mind that you will get resistance and could sabotage yourself if you don't harmonize your goals.

5. State your goals in the present tense as if they are already achieved.
The mind can only work in the present. It is the only moment that really exists. If you act, in your mind, as if your goalachieving is done you are aligned with the vibration of it. In fact, in the non-physical world your goal is already achieved. The physical world will reach that point soon.

Use the goal setting worksheet on the other page to help you make a clear picture of what you want.

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