Meditation Self Esteem
As A Way To Grow Your Self Esteem

Discover The Benefits Of Meditation Self Esteem

Meditation has a great positive impact on self esteem. It is easy to do although you need a kind of discipline. I will help you.

Why would you meditate?

Although meditation self esteem is not an official name for the kind of meditation I will discuss here, I will use it to stress the importance of meditation on growing self esteem. Meditation already has effects on self esteem, health and happiness when you do it a couple of minutes a day. You become relaxed and let go of feelings of stress. The result is inner calmness and peace of mind.
When your mind is still, your feellings will be calm and it shows also in your body. Muscle tension lowers, blood pressure drops, stress hormones are reduced and the body recovers. People who meditate are healthier than others who don't.

Your self esteem is build on believes about yourself and believes are thoughts you think over and over, with a feeling of certainty.
Although the believes usually don't reflect who you are in Essence, you think they do and so they got their impact on your health, success and happiness. Because meditation self esteem is focusing on clearing your mind and letting go of thoughts we use to attach to, the devastating effect of possible negative thoughts about yourself ceases.

The most influential aspect of meditation self esteem is that it brings you back to your Inner Self, that part of you that is your Essence or Spirit. In that sense it becomes a spiritual experience.

I am completely relaxed

How to meditate?

There are numerous ways to meditate and they all come together to clearing your mind by focusing on something. I'll give you some guidelines in these meditation tips:

- Take some time off - start with 5 minutes and you can increase it to more than an hour - and don't let anyone disturb you. Turn off the phone.
- You can either sit or lie down. I prefer to sit because it is harder to keep awake when laying. The most common way to sit is legs crossed on the ground (lotus) but you can also sit on a chair. To concentrate your attention more easily it is important to stretch your back.
- Focus your attention on your breathing. Breath in. Be aware of the air flowing into your lungs. Breath out. Concentrate on the air going out. Don't change anything in your natural breathing. Just follow it with your attention.
- Relax your body with every breath out.
- Keep it this way. When your thoughts drift away - and they certainly will do - bring your focus back to your breathing and relax some more.
- Do this regularly. To experience the benefits you should make this a daily practice.

Particularly good exercises to clear your mind

The next simple exercises are the best I found to clear your mind from any thought. Thoughts, especially negative thoughts, are blocking you from being in touch with your Essence. So by clearing your mind you'll be close to who you are.
And while you'd better focus on nothing than on negative thoughts, it will help you building your self esteem.

- look out for the next thought
Focus your self like a cheetah and wait for that next thought. Jump on it, as soon as it appears. Was there any?

- where does the next thought come from?
Focus your mind on becoming aware of the arising of the next thought. Did you notice?

- focus your mind on two places at the same time
Put your hands on your knies while sitting on a chair. Now focus your mind on both hands at the same time. Your right brain will take over because your left brain can only focus on one place at a time. Your creative right brain is closest to your Essence.

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