Raising Your Vibration
10 ways to raise your vibration
and feel good about you

Good, good, good, good vibrations! It's about raising your vibration. Do you remember that old song of the Beach Boys? It is a happy song about feeling good. And I think they're just using the right word vibrations to express that good feeling. You know everything is vibration for we are energy in essence and raising your vibration is what makes you move into the flow, connecting to your true Self. We use words as 'being stuck' and 'feeling down' when energy is not flowing and things don't work out.
E-motion is another terrific word once you become aware of it's meaning. Energy in motion means that things are going in a smooth way, you're feeling fine. When energy is blocked you'll experience the opposite.
How will you be raising your vibration and get into the flow of energy and in the mood? I'll give you 10 ways on a row.

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1. An Attitude of Gratitude
Being grateful is the fastest way to happiness and raising your vibration. Imagine that you give something precious to somebody and that person just don't care or even dislikes it. Would you gladly give something more? Well, it would make me feel disappointed, stuck and upset. But when that person is so thankful and appreciating the gift in a cheerful and warm way it will feel great and you would only like to give more. I think in this same way it applies to the Univers giving you your gifts. If you are grateful it will like to give you more. But if you are discontented it will stop the flow of good things to you. Your vibration won't be resonating with those things and they won't be attracted to you. And after all, being grateful is a wonderful feeling to have.

2. Be responsible
Taking responsibility for your life means that you consider yourself to be in the driver's seat, being in charge. This viewpoint will make you act in such a way and results will surely follow. Playing the victim, blaming others and circumstances on the other hand will certainly cut of the good flow. Your thoughts and feelings create your world. You can change them for the better. And you will instantly feel that it is raising your vibration because it feels good.

3. Trust
In God we trust. Know that all the good things are there waiting for you at the end of the stream. If you don't trust you try to row upstream and it will make you struggle and fight in doubt and fear. Let yourself go with the flow. Enjoy life and put your attention on that feeling of relief and trust.

4. Be Quiet
A friend of mine uses to talk about the sun as your Higher Self and the clouds as your ego, that scattering judgemental monkey. The sun is always shining. It gives you energy and warms up your life. But clouds can make it appear to be gone or bring it out of sight. Don't worry, the sun will always be there. Move the clouds away and it will shine brightly. Meditation might be the best way to clear your mind or clear the sky of clouds. And there are other ways to quiet your internal dialogue and become still and clear.

5. Accepting
This moment is as it is. It just isn't anything else. You can fight it, be angry or disappointed about it but it won't change it into something that it isn't. It will even sustain it. This moment is just the way it is. And taking responsiblity, you can't plant an apple-tree and expecting to gather pears. Accept the fact that a cause will give a particular effect. The only thing you can do now is accepting the fact that what is now just is and start a new cause. Plant a pear-tree and know it will give you pears.

6. Forgiving
Forgiving is raising your vibration. I once heard an Indian story about a man who was very angry about something a friend has done to him. He was constantly thinking about it and it was clouding his mind. He was literally sick of it. It was as if this friend had taken a hook and stuck it in his back. He just couldn't forgive the friend untill it dawned on him that he was possessed by this feeling and he was hooked by his friend. He had to give the hook back for his own sake. So he forgave the friend and was released from this terrible feeling. It was a great relief and he could go on with his life.
Every feeling of relief will raise your energy. Find the new thoughts, or release the old ones, that will get you there.

7. Enjoy Life
A couple of years ago I had a project with a good friend. We started eagerly and things were proceding well. But gradually it became harder to get the right results and we were disappointed about some reactions of clients. At some point we were struggling our way through the project. Then this friend of mine said something that changed everything: 'hey, where is the fun we had when we started this process?' From that moment we refocused our attention on enjoying what we were doing and things started to go smoothly again. The gate was open again and the stream flushed through it cleaning all the dirt that was in the way. Wouldn't it be raising your vibration?

8. Be Non-Judgmental
Because your Higher Self knows that everything is one and everything is right there is no judgment. The ego critizes and therefore lowers and constricts your energyflow. In most cases judgements towards others are projections of one's own feelings of guilt and shame. It is a way trying to feel better in comparison with the other by making them less or wrong. But you will see that the wrong behavior of the other could be or have been your own acting in some way. As said with accepting and forgiving judgments won't work because things just are the way they are and all being connected to each other no-one can be less or more. Seek to accept and forgive, try to understand the other and suspend judgments.

9. Allow your emotions to be
Emotions always results from thoughts and beliefs. And because we have a natural tendency to avoid pain we have learned to repress or deny bad feelings. But when you do that you can't find out what it is telling you about the limiting belief that is behind it and you won't be able to solve the problem by changing the constricting belief. Allow yourself to feel the feeling, let it be, and find out what thoughts are holding you back. In most cases this being aware itself will open the floodgate again and lets the clouds disappear.

10. All you need is love
Make it your intention to love yourself and others. Decide to love. It is the highest vibration in the Univers and everything is connected by love. Everyone wants to love and be loved and everything we do is ultimately led by love.

For now this is all about raising your vibration. Have some good vibrations.

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