Your Gratitude List
Create An Attitude Of Gratitude

Make yourself a gratitude list and you'll be attracting everything you wish... Well, it's not really working that way.

Gratitude and appreciation are great feelings and when you practice the skill of gratefulness you learn to shift your focus from the negative to the positive. And that's wonderful because positive thoughts fill your brain up with excellent fuel. It will do a much better job and makes it possible to use your talents and skills to the very best. And of course, you'll be feeling a lot better by your attention on the good in your day. And that's just what you want.
In all cases, gratitude is one of the most powerful feelings in the Univers. It raises your vibration and gets you in harmony with your Higher Self or Source Energy.

Squirrel I Am Grateful

But I also have a little warning about using this gratitude exercise. I've seen many articles and video's on this subject and in many cases it seems they suppose that the mere act of writing your gratitude-items down will bring you what you're grateful for. You might be ending up feeling a lot of frustration because it is not the act of writing that will do the magic, so you can wait and be fed. It is You who now willingly comes into action, becoming able to use your power, now focusing on the opportunities that are presented all around you and grab them. The gratitude list will only do the preparation to get you into the right mood. The feelings it causes will set up the conditions for you to be able to get into the flow. And then you have to use this being in the zone to make it happen or else nothing will occur.

The List of Gratitude

This exercise is simple to do if you schedule some time for it. It works best when you take ten minutes before you go to sleep and 10 minutes just after you wake up. Take some piece of paper, preferably a special notebook entitled something like 'My Attitude of Gratitude'. Write down 10 things you are grateful for in your life. Describe each one in at least 50 words. Don't forget to mention the little facts for they are easily taken for granted.

Self Appreciation

There is another aspect of gratitude and appreciation. Are you deserving to get all that you want? The Self Appreciation Exercise covers this other site of Gratitude.

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