Self Appreciation
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You can do whatever exercise you get your hands on, without self appreciation they just won't work or won't work very long. You can imagine yourself being the perfect person you want by doing the Swish or you can fill a page with the things you are grateful for, in the end it is that feeling of being proud of yourself that will uplift you and make the receiving possible.

I strongly believe in the principle 'Ask and you will Receive'. The asking part is not that difficult. It's in the receiving that contradicting vibrations will block the things coming to you. And it is merely in the beliefs of not being deserving that you don't get what you want.

People with high self esteem do know they deserve everything that the univers offers them, simply by being alive. This next exercise will help others who have some difficulty believing this truth.

Peacock I Am Proud

Self Appreciation List

What makes you think you deserve all that you want? Is that a hard question to answer? It might be that you don't give yourself enough credit for all the things you are doing. Instead of thinking that you have to do all kinds of things in your daily life you might consider that you are that wonderful person that chooses to do them. For it is a fact that nobody forces you to go to work to support your family. You make that choice every single day for the benefit of yourself and others. Give yourself the credit of doing all those marvellous things day in day out. Be proud of yourself.

Make your Appreciation List by starting each sentence with 'I am so proud of myself for...'. Fill in every aspect of your life where you know you choose the right thing to do to contribute like
'I am so proud of myself for getting out of bed and prepare breakfast even though the bed was warm and I didn't want to get out'.
'I am so proud of myself for writing this piece of work although I wanted to make music'.
Go on and on untill it will make you feel so good about yourself. Make sure you write or type the whole sentence starting with 'I am so proud of myself' for it will focus your attention on the feelings of pride.

If you have a hard time finding things to be proud of make a list of all the things you do all day long and you surely know what to feel pride for.

from Self Appreciation to Self Esteem Building

from Self Appreciation to Growing Self Esteem

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