NLP Swish Pattern
A Powerful Way To Create Yourself

The NLP Swish Pattern

This NLP technique is one of the most powerful self esteem exercises I know. It reprograms your mind from an undesirable state into empowerment.
As with any NLP-technique I urge you to follow the steps to the letter to get the most out of this exercise.

Tiger I Am Great

In advance: the NLP Swish Pattern is initially meant to change a bad habit. In your mind you break through an image of an undesired starting position to replace it with the ideal picture of You. To use it successfully, you need to be in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. It's better if you are wide awake for you have to focus on the images in your mind and not fighting your sleep. Here we go.

1. Explore the starting point. Check what is going on in the situation where you are not happy. What happens just before it's getting bad. What is it that usually precedes the undesirable situation?
Make the picture as real as possible with sounds, colors, feelings, taste and smell. And feel your emotions as if this is the real situation. Make this picture compleet and alive. Then put it aside.

2. Imagine yourself in your ideal state. See yourself with your mind's eyes as whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious, loving and happy as can be. Make it a real attractive picture. It must be compelling and irresistable to you. If you see this would you ever go back into that starting situation? Of course not!

3. Now take the image of the starting position and make it bright. Feel how you don't like it. Next, take the ideal picture and put it in the middle of the starting position but pull it back as if in a slingshot. Pull it back as far as you can untill you can only see a tiny spot in the middle of your picture. Feel the resistance of the rubber band. Keep it a moment and then...

4. Say WOOSH or SWISH while you let the slingshot go and let it burst through your starting picture and replace it completely. See your ideal and feel the difference. Enjoy this moment a little while.

5. Think a moment of something completely different, like your phonenumber backwards, before you do it once again. Repeat this procedure 5 times, each time faster and faster untill the ideal picture automatically takes over in a fraction of a second.

6. Test the result by looking at the starting situation. If it is not immediately replaced by the ideal picture repeat the whole procedure a few times again.

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