The Sedona Method
About Releasing Limiting Believes

Hale Dwoskin is the enthousiastic promotor of the Sedona Method originated by Lester Levenson.
Lester was said, by his doctors, to be dying at the age of 42 of all kinds of severe diseases. He was a smart guy but had allways searched for answers to his problems outside himself. For he had only a few weeks to live he was forced to find solutions within. He found that by releasing his non-love feelings, his health began to improve. Continuing with this experiment, he found that over a 3-month period, he had attained not only renewed health but actually perfect health and perfect peace of mind which lasted 42 years beyond his doctors’ expectations.

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About The Method

One of the basic assumptions of The Sedona Method is that what we think about, we attract into our lives. Approximately 95-98% of our thoughts occur below the level of consciousness. So we are not aware of the majority of our thoughts and they can be sabotaging our best conscious efforts.

The Sedona Method unique approach is by letting go of those negative thoughts, emotions and programs from the subconscious mind that are causing you to attract what you don't want in life. For example, lets say you are tired of feeling unworthy (or anything for that matter). The simple fact that you don't like it and want to change it, you are holding it in mind and the more you hold it in mind and the more you dislike that situation, the stronger your thought vibration and the more you will attract what you dislike into your life.

Once you learn how to release all of your resistance and other negative emotions to being less than others (or anything else), you will cease creating more of the same which will free you up to create more of what you do want.

It is simply not enough to just focus on what you want because if you have subconscious programs to the contrary, they will win every time. You first have to erase the written text on a paper before you can put a new story on it, right. Or else you will get a mess. On a thought basis attention will go everywhere but never clearly creating what you want.
It works great if there is no subconscious resistance to what you want.

Because many issues you have are interconnected the result of releasing one thing will lead to a lot of getting rid of similar things.

In conclusion, the The Sedona Method is a simple, easy to use tool that allows you to release the negative programs that are negatively affecting your life. But be aware the effectiveness of it, as of all the other exercises, comes from doing the practices. Then the repetition is meaningful - it leads you deeper into the underlying feelings and helps release them.

The Technique

Basically the Sedona Method tells you to focus on your problem and the feeling that it gives you. Next step is to welcome the feeling. It is important that you don't want to fight it or want it to go away for 'what you resist will persist'. It is just the universal principle of 'what you focus on wil grow' or 'energy flows where attention goes'. Welcome the feeling and allow it to be there. This alone has worked perfectly with me when I had a severe migraine kind of headache. I used to fight against it but the moment I'd welcomed it and tried to be with it, accepting it to be there, it slowly evaporated and disappeared.

Next and only next you ask yourself: do I think I will be able to let this feeling go? (answer yes or no, it doesn't matter)

Then you ask yourself: Am I willing to let it go? (again, yes or no are ok)

Finally ask yourself: When can I let this feeling go?
Here is the trick: ALWAYS answer this with NOW!!!

Repeat several times until the feeling is completely gone to never come back.

If you want to learn more about the Sedona Method I recommand the book of Hale Dwaskin, below. Click the image to go to

That's the whole process and it works amazingly well. Somehow we have to get it clear that our physical and emotional lifes are build on a underlying energetic level and that we are capable to influence that energy in certain ways.

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