Quantum Physics
And The Science Of Consciousness

The Nature Of Reality

The scientists of quantum physics have discovered some amazing findings which do not correspond at all with the way we see reality as it comes to us by our senses. For example, an object cannot be in two places at the same time. Well, subatomic particles can. Time cannot flow back we should think but in the science of the tiniest objects it can. It seems that what we perceive as solid material in fact doesn't exist. The atoms, the univers and we are made of, consist of nothing more than space and the subatomic particles in this space only have a tendency to exist in physical form. They behave like a wave (frequency or vibration) only untill they are observed. At that point they come into physical existence as object. Imagine that a wave is not bound to location but is spread around over space. How can that wave instantly become an object at one place?

Monkey I Am Unique

All subatomic particles are entities of energy, called quanta. Everything in the whole univers, including you and I, consists of these quanta, entities of energy. And all we perceive with our five senses are merely frequencies of energy. The sound we hear, the image we see, the sense of touch we feel are different energy-frequencies decoded by our brain into the reality we know. Our brain is a frequency decoder and the only time a quantum becomes solid is when we observe it. Imagine, we see the quantum into solid existence. The decoding of the wavelike energy-frequencies by our brain into a 5-sense image makes our reality appear. Reality as we perceive it exist only in our brain. Everywhere else it is a quantum-soup of different energy-frequencies, an unlimited field of possibilities. With the decoding of our brain we choose which of the possibilities we bring into existence.

Our Believe System In Creating Reality

Our thoughts are frequencies too. And when you have a feeling of certainty about what you think you might call this thought a believe. The frequencies we emit on a regular basis are composed by our believes. Somehow, in relation with our DNA, these believes have an effect on the arrangement of the quanta the outside world is made of.
Also, believes determine the decoding of the frequencies we notice with our five senses. At least 50% of our personal outside-reality is made up by our brain dependent on our believe system. We distort, generalise and/or delete information. Our reality is what we subconsciously choose to get out of the unlimited field of possibilities. Everything is possible for everyone of us. We only have to believe it.

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