Reality Creation
How to make it work the way you want it

You are the source of your reality creation. You are so much more than you think you are. You are intelligent energy and consciousness. You, as a physical being, are a projection of the non-physical Essence that is the real You and is your eternal Source.
Your beliefs, for the most part subconscious, direct the energy upon which your personal reality is build. And because this physical reality is build completely on beliefs the world is mirroring back your core beliefs. Most of them you did not choose consciously. So in most cases you live the life of your parents, teachers, family and friends who taught you to believe what you now believe. Most of those beliefs don't support you at all. But you can still choose your own beliefs and consequently the life you desire.

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Know Who You Are

Tom de Kok, the dutch expert in the teachings of Abraham , explains why so many people like to believe they can be and have anything they want while their reality shows them a different story. It is because most beliefs we're cherishing won't help us in our reality creation, to achieve our goals and purposes. There are two things you must know to always get what you want.

1. know who you are and be completely honest about it.
Know what you believe and what your desires are. You must be completely straight about this for reality will always show you the real picture. You can maybe fool yourself but you can't fool reality.

2. know that you, and only you, create your reality.
Deep down inside we like to believe that we are victims of circumstances but it won't help us to create who we want to be or what we want to accomplish and have.

How To Create Your Desired Reality?

To get what you want in this life you have to take away the blockages to receive. There are two things to do:

1. don't react or act based on emotions.
Emotions give you feedback about what your beliefs are. It is a feedback mechanism. By emotional reacting you only confirm and strenghten the limiting belief. You tell yourself it is true what is happening and the emotional reaction is proper. But the event is caused by your beliefs and if you don't like it it's just no use to fight it for it just tells you that your belief don't serve you. Only when you change the belief events will change accordingly. Choose them based on who you want to be.

2. don't project any expectations, consequences or assumptions into the future anymore.
Those assumptions are based on your beliefs, about what you have experienced in the past and so it will prolong these events. You will create more of the same. Instead be open to new possibilities. Just wait to see what will happen. If you use this, reality will change on its own.

Follow your passion and your dreams and know that you:
- are eternal consciousness
- are connected to everything
- are one with everything
- know everything
- are completely free
- can create anything you want

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