Trafeze: Strength In Numbers

They say there's strength in numbers and online, it's especially true.  Whenever you're doing something important, having friendly support through tough times and good times can make all the difference. Aside from the usual support and camaraderie though, sometimes it's necessary to band together to make things better on a larger scale.  

Not long ago, the Internet was a place where the little guy could have a voice, where he could start a business based on knowledge he's acquired and through passion and creativity, actually compete with large corporations to make a difference. He was able to earn a living and get ahead.  The Internet was a fascinating place and it wasn't just because everyone was getting connected through social media.  It was a wonderful world of learning, of possibilities and promise.

A few years ago, things began to shift. In some ways, the shifting was a very good thing because it eliminated a lot of bad guys (spam) you see on the Net. Search results have improved, but the tables have been turned on the little guy … and there's no escaping the cause. If you use any of the most popular online tools or search engines, you're bound by their terms of service to participate.  Add to that, declining advertising dollars as well as changes in tax laws and other regulations which lead to affiliate programs being eliminated, and commissions slashed or revoked.  As a result, monetizing your site or blog can be a disheartening puzzle at best.

Despite this depressing picture, there's always a creative way to get around obstacles, but still, things have gotten much more difficult for everyone online.  And what's the use of starting a business if you have no way to monetize it?

Strength in Numbers Fosters a Creative Solution

Many webmasters (or bloggers) love writing content, but don't have their own product to sell. Other people are geniuses at inventing products or services.  Why not take the strengths of each side and pull them together so they can help each other overcome the obstacles that make online business so difficult?


Catch me at Trafeze

That's exactly what is all about. It's a brand-new, FREE service that ties it all together to help the little guy succeed. It's a platform for small, small businesses, entrepreneurs (the word Solopreneur is a perfect fit), or business people who want a way to monetize their traffic or sell their product.

How It Works

As a webmaster (or blogger), you sign up for Trafeze as a traffic seller. When Trafeze is fully functioning, it will match your profile to those folks with products relevant to your business. You would then make your introductions, establish your agreements, negotiate terms and voila! You'd then have a product to sell on your site or blog.  Get enough products to sell, or sell them very well and you'll eliminate the need to rely upon affiliates or advertisers, if you choose not to!

As a product seller, you can spend your time doing what you do best – developing quality products. Then bring your products to the marketplace and get matched up with sites that will sell your product for you. The algorithm will do the matching.

The Benefits

The benefit of this platform is the strength in numbers. The more people who join, the more sites there'll be to sell products. For webmasters, the more products there'll be to sell. So you can see, there is strength in numbers in many different circumstances. Here, the numbers will ensure there are plenty of opportunities for the little guys to succeed.

Interested? Sign Up for Trafeze

Go to Simply enter your information and click "Join Now." Once inside, complete your profile. If for some reason, you're not qualified, the algorithm will let you know. If that's the case, don't worry. If you continue to build quality traffic, you could become qualified later on down the road.

Spread the Word

Never forget that numbers give us strength. That means it's important to spread the word about Trafeze, because the more people who sign up, the more opportunities we'll all have.  So share the news with your friends and anybody you know who makes a product or runs a site or blog.

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