NLP Anchoring
A Powerful Way To Create Yourself

With NLP anchoring you can manage your state in a perfect way.
Whether you have high or low self esteem everyone has moments of being in flow. At those moments everything works out and moves smoothly. You feel good and there's no trace of resistance. You're in the zone. Those moments are to be treasured.
The wonderful thing is that we can borrow those moments. When we go back into our memory we can again feel the flow and the good feeling of that moment. And by anchoring it we can have it available at all times. That's the beauty of NLP anchoring. How does it work? Follow the instructions and you not only have an idea of it but you'll know it. Let's do it.

Bear I Am Strong

Anchoring with NLP

The basic principle of anchoring is that two things that happen together at one time are connected in the brain. We call that phenomenon neuro-associative- conditioning.
We will connect the good feeling or useful resources to a sound we make, a gesture, a posture or a slogan. When we trigger this anchor we will get to feel the good feeling again.

1. Think about a sound, a gesture, a posture or a slogan that is unique, that you can use any time and that fits you (like saying in your mind 'I am confident'). Just choose one.

2. What experience do you want to anchor? If you want faith or confidence, patience or humor go back to a memory where you had that state. Step into the picture of that memory and recall the experience completely as if you are back reliving it. It's important to be in it again for that will bring back the feelings of the resources you want to anchor. See the pictures, hear the sounds, feel the feelings.

3. If you are fully back in the memory focus on the feeling of the resource and leave the rest behind.

4. Focusing on the feeling use your chosen anchor at the same time. It will be connected to the feeling. After a little while you stop it.

5. Test the anchor by triggering it. You should immediately feel the resource. If not, do it again.

Free Video Tutorial on Anchoring

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Success Habits Generator Free Video Tutorial on Anchoring

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