The Teachings of Abraham
Closing The Gap

In one of her workshops about the teachings of Abraham Esther Hicks mentions this exercise. It deals with closing the gap between where Source Energy - the Greater non-physical You - has already come and where you are right now. It's an emotional or vibrational gap to close. The moment you have a desire - you constantly have for joyous growing is the purpose of life - the greater non-physical part of you immediately is that desire. It has grown already and vibrates on that new level.

Snail I Am Patient

Overcoming the gap between that desirable vibration of your Source Energy and your own vibration in this physical world makes the desire come into physical reality. By getting in that new vibration you allow the desire to be manifested.

But if you are disappointed or uncertain about the desire you make the gap wider. You'll be aware of it because it doesn't feel too good. But when you have faith and feel the joy of the desire it must be manifested.

Closing The Gap

The next exercise, which I will call 'closing the gap', is a way to allow the manifestation of your every desire:

1. Write down what happens. Explore the contrasting situation about which you have some negative emotion

2. Jot down how you feel about it. Do it in a short sentence just mentioning the emotion.

3. Write down how this has caused you to become more aware of what you do want.

4. State you new decision. What do you really want?

5. Put a symbolical dot here and one there indicating the gap between the vibration of Source Energy (being the new you already) and yours (struggling with not manifested it yet).

6. write with the intention to close the gap. It is only about closing the emotional gap - you should feel better - and not about fixing something.

Have fun with it!

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