A Simple Way To Improve Your Well-Being

In all traditions breath is associated with, or the same as, wind, Spirit of creativity. Breathworks is based on this. By breathing we sustain life and simultaneously are connected to our Higher Self or Source Energy.
Breathing is also directly connected with emotions. You hold your breath when something exciting is occuring. You got your sigh of relief. 'Take a deep breath and go for it'. You breath slow and deep when you are in a relaxed state and high and shallow when you feel anxious.
It also works the other way around. Your breathing can alter your state.

Stork I am competely relaxed Breathworks

Many meditation techniques are based on breathwork and the power of breathing can have a profound effect on your health, well-being and self esteem. That's why it is also called balance breathing.

Connection With Spirit

Most people only use 20 to 30% of their respiratory system. By raising the rendement of breathing you can provide the body-cells with more oxygen for optimal functioning. You'll be feeling fit and energetic. When you feel spirited you get more positve thoughts, it makes you feel good. And when you feel good you'll be more positively connected with others and yourself. Breathworks is the connection between body and Spirit. Breathing is receiving life's energy. It connects you with who you really are, your Higher Self.

One simple exercise using the power of breathing

If you do just one thing of all that is written here, do this exercise everyday and you will notice the difference.

1. Inhale to your belly in a certain number of counts (3, 4, maybe 5 or 6)
2. Hold your breath in a relaxed state four times that number of counts (12, 16, 20 or even 24 counts)
3. Slowly exhale in two times the number of counts you inhaled (6, 8, 10 or 12)

Repeat it for at least 10 times.

Breathwork audio course

Breathwork has long been used to help improve lives, and the benefits are profound – when you follow the right techniques.

Simply by changing the rhythm of your breathing for 10 minutes a day, you can enjoy awesome improvements to your wellbeing - including:

- Achieve improved health and well-being
- Tap into greater happiness and enhanced moods
- Release tension and become more chilled out
- Instantly improve focus and mental clarity
- Enjoy sleeping better every night
- Rocket body oxygen levels and circulation
- Vastly improve your memory
- Manage and even eradicate pain
- Resolve emotional conflicts once and for all
- Enjoy profound spiritual breakthroughs
- Boost your creativity in minutes
- Enjoy huge bounds of energy and dynamism
- Dramatically increase chances of living a longer, healthier life

"The Power of Breathing" is a revolutionary new Breathwork Audio Course. It provides everything you need to start changing your breathing patterns, using guided audio sessions - and begin enjoying the powerful benefits of conscious breathwork.

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